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    1. CCFL Grille Lamp
    2. CCFL Grille LampThis CCFL grille lamp adopts superior steel plate of high strength and durability. After phosphate and powder coated, it is anti-scratch and abrasion resistantMore >>
    1. LED Bulbs
    2. LED BulbsThe LED bulb in one-piece structure is designed with beautiful profile and uniform light distribution, completely conforming to aesthetic standards. ...More >>
    1. LED Ceiling Lamp
    2. LED Ceiling LampThe LED ceiling lamp is more close to the natural light. It adopts the LED bead of high luminous efficacy as the light source which is the imitation product of Philips LumiledsMore >>
    1. Integrated LED Bracket Lamp
    2. Integrated LED Bracket LampThe integrated LED bracket lamp is an indoor lighting fitting, stable, reliable and durable. As a new-generation eco-friendly light with more than 90% energy-saving rateMore >>
    1. UV Mosquito Killer
    2. UV Mosquito KillerThe UV mosquito killer for agricultural use is free from drugs. It kills mosquitoes by physical way and has no adverse impact towards human body.More >>
    1. UV Air Purifier
    2. UV Air PurifierThe UV air purifier is also known as air cleaner or air refresher. It can absorb, decompose or converse all kinds of air pollutants (such as dusts, pollen, peculiar smell More >>